Integrated Project Delivery

M Builds has successfully completed many projects utilizing the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process, guided by the following essential principles:

  • Mutual respect and mutual benefit
  • Early goal definition and enhanced communication
  • High performance and leadership

When our team is brought in early, we can analyze the project and make recommendations that balance risk and reward. We develop fair and balanced compensation structures for you to review, getting input from various suppliers, design-assist contractors and other trade contractor input on viable strategies for the project. The IPD process integrates our knowledgeable estimating department and informs you of the projected building costs while keeping the budget in focus.

The IPD process thrives on our team working together in an environment built on trust in each other’s abilities and contributions to the project. We clearly define each team member’s responsibilities and hold them accountable, but we also emphasize that teamwork, open communication and risk management are fundamental attributes to our work. Many projects face significant design, schedule and budget challenges, but when our project team works together under the IPD approach we know the final result will meet – or even exceed – your expectations.

We are proud to work with you and the design teams to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions without compromising building performance.

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