Brothers Pharmacy

Brothers Pharmacy was a interior renovation in an existing pharmacy/clinic.  

The renovation took approximately 14 weeks. One of the requirements for the renovation was for Manshield to work in a building that had continued public access to all areas that were not under construction. Safety was the utmost concern. Manshield created a safety plan and used a phased approach to the renovation which was setup in conjunction with the owner to ensure not affect the remainder of the building. 

Manshield overcame many unique issues throughout the renovation, as this building was built in the 1930. Our prior experience with tyndall stone and early construciton techniques allowed Manshield to complete the renovation on time and on budget. 


  • Project Location:
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Sector:
    Special Projects
  • Role:
    Interor Renovation
  • Constructed in:
  • Project Schedule:
    14 Weeks
  • Budget:

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