Ecole Christine Lesperance

This project was a 65,000 square foot elementary school and daycare facility. The project features a daycare, numerous classrooms, administrative spaces, computer labs, conventional science labs, multi-purpose gymnasium and many other school amenity areas associated with an elementary school.

“Manshield demonstrates their ability to work as a team with all stakeholders and to efficiently coordinate it’s subtrades in a proper and timely fashion”

Andre Chaput, Division Scolaire Franco Manitobaine

“Manshields attention to detail and quality workmanship is at all stages of construction allowed us to meet the construction schedule with limited deficiencies.”

Mike Fritschij, Project Architect MCM Architects


  • Client:
    Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine
  • Project Location:
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Sector:
  • Role:
    Construction Management
  • Constructed in:
  • Project Schedule:
    10 Months
  • Budget:
    $6.5 Million

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