Maple Leaf Bacon Processing Plant

Utilizing our extensive experience in the food and food-related industry, the Manshield team has been selected as Construction Manager/General Contractor for this project. A state of the art meat processing facility, this addition to the existing plant is a fast track project with an aggressive construction schedule being the key challenge.

Faced with numerous design changes, Manshield is working closely with the Owner’s team to overcome the scope change challenges and ensure a timely completion. We value engineered the entire project to ensure the scope of work was completed and performed under budget and finished the project on schedule as well.

Architecturally, the building features insulated metal panel construction for walls and ceilings, with an interstitial space above the majority of the building floor area all of which were required to meet CFIA regulations as well as sufficing the exporting to British and Pacific Rim regulatory requirements. 

Finishes include standard paint, stainless steel, and epoxy coatings on all flooring and curbs. Other features include an extensive stainless floor drain system, protective concrete curbing, speciality doors and windows, and a meat rail system.   

The project also features complex work packages for Mechanical, Electrical, and Refrigeration. Manshield is also responsible for the coordination of the process equipment installation and connection to the building utilities. By demonstrating our obsession for exceptional project delivery, Manshield has established a strong working relationship with Maple Leaf Foods, which resulted in the successful delivery of the largest bacon processing facility in North America. 


  • Client:
    Male Leaf Foods
  • Project Location:
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Sector:
  • Role:
    Construction Management/Design Assist
  • Constructed in:
  • Project Schedule:
    12 Months
  • Budget:
    $30 Million

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