Construction Management

On client sites, we apply our construction experience as the central lead, providing for effective time management, production quality, performance flexibility, risk and cost. We also use our wealth of knowledge to provide practical input to design and construction to eliminate surprises through the process.

In this delivery method, we come on board during the design phase. We typically provide conceptual estimates during 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% drawing phases. We also provide the architect and other consultants a cost and constructability feedback to provide a cost-efficient and buildable product.

A significant portion of our preconstruction services include qualifying subcontractors and issuing bid packages. Using our extensive knowledge of industry standards, we can minimize owner-incurred change orders due to gaps in specifications. 

Advantages of construction management include:

  • Owners have the opportunity to select a construction organization by qualifications and past performance
  • A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and a definite schedule
  • A reduction in change orders

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