M Builds Story.

The M Builds Story

Most successful Canadian companies have a storied history describing the journey from their early beginnings to where they are today. Hard working immigrants armed with skills, work ethic and a relentless drive to succeed are part of many of these histories.
Such is the story of Manshield Construction; with over 40 years creating some of the most impressive buildings in Western Canada, this little company that could kept growing into a formidable force on the construction landscape.
Manshield has earned a reputation for being an accomplished General Contractor for private and public sector Clients. Although our roots are firmly in Manitoba, Manshield has a proven track record in Northwestern Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

The construction industry has changed. The demand for new technology, specialized training and innovation has never been more important. The need to adapt and compete on a national scale has led to exciting changes. Manshield's recruitment strategies have transformed or advanced to engage keen, young talent and the entire organization has modernized, embraced technology and developed new processes based on our experiences of the past.. Rather than following trends, Manshield is leading the way to better suit the needs of our Clients.

In keeping with the progress of our company, it is time to update our name and identity.

Our new name is M Builds.

M Builds is an active evolution to our name. The letter "M" pays homage to our history, while the word “Builds” clearly describes what we do. We not only build buildings - we build legacies, we build communities, we build careers and we build relationships with some of the best Clients in the world.

The letter "M" is the 13th letter of the alphabet - right in the middle. Like Manitoba being the geographic centre of Canada, we like the view. It’s a place where you have a perspective of seeing both sides of an issue, and being able to provide balance and clarity.

Our new look resembles that of a stamp, boldly emblazoned as "M Builds" to provide the peace of mind our Clients require. When this logo appears on contracts, job sites, or on a proposal, Clients can expect quality to be built into every facet of the project, the experience of a 40-year resumé of successfully completed complex and iconic buildings and the strength of skilled, dedicated and experienced personnel.

Over the next 40 years it is our plan to continue to build the most significant and innovative builds in Manitoba, Thunder Bay, Alberta and British Columbia.
Come build with M Builds.
Our Logo

The “M” is reflective of our rich history and is the foundation that anchors the new brand. It carries an assertive and bold presence. The point on the “M” gives direction or movement to what we do – build structures, build communities, build futures and build relationships. The “M” is housed within another structure representing security and strength – the commitment we put in every single one of our projects.

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